Anil Puri

How Many School Holidays Do You Have Left? Balancing Business and Family Time.

Business can be demanding. Are you conscious of balancing your business and family time, especially the time that you have with your kids before they no longer care?

I’ve just had my boot camp class this morning. I’m heading home and just stopped to grab a coffee. And I want to wrap up the week by sharing a conversation that I had with a coaching colleague of mine during the week.

I mentioned to him that my eldest daughter has just secured a casual gig at the local coffee shop. She is definitely becoming more independent. We started talking about kids in general and he asked me a great question. He asked me “with your other two younger kids, how many school holidays do you have left with them?” And I thought, what a fantastic question.

As a lot of you know I work with a lot of family businesses, or at least businesses and business owners where family is very important to them. If your kids are in their late teens, ask yourself… how many school holidays do you have left with them? Start planning those out. Kids spell Love… T-I-M-E, so have a think about how you can spend that time with them during these school years.

If they’re a little bit younger then have a think about how many annual holidays you have left with them, whether they’re Christmas or other holidays. We can’t really go overseas for probably another 12 months, but have a think about those annual holidays. Start thinking about those and planning those out.

So, have a think about that before the kids decide to become more independent, fly the coop, do their own thing, and not want to spend that time with you. Have a fantastic long weekend everyone and I’ll speak to you again very soon.


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