Group Coaching

Business Excellerator Program

We know that business can be a lonely place, and our Business Excellerator Program is designed to help you to be part of a supportive business community, develop your skills and stay on-track to achieving your business and personal goals.

We have designed the Business Excellerator Program to be low-cost by using technology and group forums to keep you on-track so that you achieve far more than if you tried to do it all on your own. Plus, the Program gives you the flexibility of getting 1-on-1 assistance if you need it, all at a heavily discounted rate.

You get the best of both worlds… a low-cost fixed monthly fee to provide you with direction and accountability, plus a relationship with an experienced team of business coaches and advisors that can help with more tailored and specialist advice when you need it.


Business Excellerator Infographic - The Profit Coach

The Business Excellerator Program is designed to help you by:

  • Providing you with a regularly updated plan to follow.
  • Developing your business skills and effectiveness through regular training and group discussions.
  • Tracking the progress of your goals and key numbers.
  • Keeping you accountable and on-track.
  • Being part of a proactive and supportive community to learn from and work with.
  • Ensuring that you get more done and achieve better results for all of your hard work.