Dream Plans Goals - The Profit Coach

Dreams are an important part of the business planning and goal setting process. Your Dreams and your Vision for the business is where it all starts.

As I mentioned in my other video on the ‘BE x DO = HAVE’ formula, it is important to develop your ‘BE’ (your thoughts). Increasing your ‘BE’ will help you to get better results.

Having dreams and the ability to “think big” is an important part of your ‘BE’ and is the starting point for the activity in your business. This is explained by the following flowchart:


The size of your Dreams will influence the size of your Goals, which in turn will affect your business Plan and the Actions that you take day-to-day and week-to-week.

There are two simple ways to grow your personal Dreams and one simple way to grow your business Dreams.

1. Imagine that you’ve won $10m in the lottery. How would your life look like – your house, your car, how you’d live, places you’d visit, things you would do? This will help you to unlock the limitations that you may be putting on yourself based on your current situation. Free yourself from your current situation to Dream BIG.

2. Another way to develop your personal Dreams is to create a Bucket List or a Life List. Start writing down all of the things that you’d like to do in your life. Once again, this could be possessions but also write down the places you’d like to see, things you’d like to do, new skills you’d like to learn, etc. Just make a start and keep adding to it as you think of things.

3. For your business Dreams or Vision, it can be helpful to think about a business that you admire. How can you emulate this business in terms of: it’s position in the market, the type of customers, it’s size, structure, team, etc. Sometimes it’s easier to just copy what others have done, or at least emulate what they are doing.

So, get your Dreams and Vision down on paper. Let us know if you need a hand clarifying your vision, setting goals and putting in place a plan. I know that this will really help you to achieve much more in your business.