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Below is the 18 Question survey that I mention in my video above. This is courtesy of Diana Tapp from World Class Teams who uses this to better understand what is important to each person in a team and therefore what motivates them.

We all know that different things motivate different people and this is a fantastic, and simple, way to work out what is important to each of your staff. Many thanks to Diana for sharing this and here are her details if you want to speak to her about her leadership training programs.

Diana Tapp
World Class Teams
T: 1300 085 248
World Class Teams


How to Use This Tool

  1. Download the “What Drives My Performance?” worksheet and share it with each of your team.
  2. Get them to circle the top 5 criteria that “drives their performance” in the workplace.
  3. Finally, get them to rank these 5 in order of importance to them (1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest).
  4. You now know their key motivators. Use this knowledge when you need to allocate someone to a project or task, or refer to this motivator when you delegate a task to someone. For example “Bob, I know that you are keen on some variety and always up for a challenge…”.

“What Drives My Performance?” Survey Questions

  1. Having the resources to do the job
  2. A sense that what I do is worthwhile
  3. Support when adjusting to change
  4. Financial rewards for company results
  5. Financial rewards for individual results
  6. Reasonable salary
  7. Training and developing new skills
  8. Being trusted with responsibility and independence
  9. A good working relationship with my manager
  10. Job security
  11. Interesting and challenging work
  12. Receiving quality feedback
  13. Have competent leaders
  14. Flexible working hours to accommodate personal life
  15. A modern, inviting physical work environment
  16. Good working relationships with other staff
  17. A leader who cares
  18. Having clear objectives and goals set