Refocus Your Marketing To Attract Staff

Today’s video is about refocusing your marketing to attract staff instead of customers.  It’s a story of a client that I used to work with a couple of years ago, they’ve reached back out to me to start working together again.  And it’s always good to reconnect with an old client, especially when I can see that they’re still implementing some of the things that we worked through and that I helped them with before.  And it’s a great business, they’re doing very well, they’re very profitable.  But in this whole process of restarting with them, I sat down with the managers, I’ve sat down with the owner, and I just want to share something that came up in this discussion around attracting staff.

So, when I caught up with the managers, one of the managers, he shared a story about a job that they’ve done recently.  So, just giving you some background, this company manufactures air conditioning ducting and then also installs this in large commercial projects.  And there was a job that they did in conjunction with one of their competitors – this job was split between my client and this other business.   And the Project Manager, he said that he could see this other business seemed to have a better calibre of staff, younger people who are enthusiastic, and then he did some research as to why that might be.  And he found that this other business, this competitor, has a nice looking website, they’re doing things on social media, they’ve got more of a presence on social media. Actually, I should say they have a presence because my client doesn’t have any social media marketing, doesn’t have a website because they’re so well established in the sector, they’re so well regarded and they’ve got great relationships that they don’t need to do any marketing to find more work.  And this was my whole message a couple of weeks ago.

A lot of businesses don’t need to do any marketing to find more customers because they’ve got plenty of work, but they need to refocus their marketing towards attracting staff.  And I think my client has now realised that they need to build a website, they need to do social media marketing, not to attract customers, but to raise awareness in the local area about the opportunities to work there and really raise that awareness and presence with prospective staff and employees.

I ran a workshop a couple of weeks ago, there’s a link to the training in there, the workshop and the presentation goes for about 10-15 minutes.  There’s a couple of great slides in there – one slide explains 9 innovative ways to better attract staff and do a better job of attracting staff in your business, and the other slide and the presentation covers off how to retain staff, because there’s no point finding staff if you can’t retain them.  So, just take that on board, think about Marketing in relation to finding staff rather than finding customers and it’ll help you build a better team, who will then obviously help you run a better business.

So, if you’ve got anything that you want have a chat about, whether it’s staffing, building a team, whether it’s improving financial management, systems, just let me know.  If I can’t help you and if it’s not my area of expertise, I’m happy to put you in touch with someone who can.  In the meantime, have a fantastic Easter, have a nice break, reconnect with family and friends, take some time out and just refresh and have a good time over the break.  All the best and I’ll speak to you again very soon. Bye.

By Anil Puri

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